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All dresses offered here are hand-embroidered and bead-embroidered with the highest level of craftsmanship.

All the dresses offered here are original designs with a lot of hand embroidery and bead embroidery.

In addition to providing wedding dresses, we also provide services such as make-up by famous hair and makeup artists, pre-bridal esthetics, which is probably the first of its kind in Myanmar, one-of-a-kind original wedding rings, wedding parties, honeymoons and photo shoots, and a wide range of other services. We offer a one-stop service for everything related to bridal, including proposals for honeymoon bridal packages that include both honeymoon and photo shooting.

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Ngwe Phoo Sar 5% Club (Sharing Happiness)

 We would like to commemorate the landmark of your life, marriage, by donating 5% of the fee paid to us in your name. In commemoration of this landmark in your life, we will donate 5% of the fee paid to us in your name in a tangible way to those in need in Myanmar. 

The organization to which we will donate is https://www.facebook.com/mfcg.or.jp

We will make a donation in your name to this organization in a tangible way. What to donate will be decided based on the request of Dr. Nachi of MFCG.

Please share your happiness with those in need.