Raffiller (RF) Collection


Reminiscent of the carved patterns of European architectural columns. The jacquard lace is reminiscent of the carved patterns of columns in European architecture, creating a majestic atmosphere. The soft ivory Mikado satin is feminine and luxurious. The large A-line shape of this dress looks great for hotel or church weddings.


A royal dress with a rising, symmetrical lace composition. The three-dimensional flowers of the lace and the rounded silhouette of the tucked skirt make this dress romantic and pretty. The detachable long train is made of organdie, adding a soft and dainty impression, and the delicate lace composition creates a traditional back style. traditional back style.


This dress is designed for those who have a low back and are a little chubby, but still look elegant, beautiful and beautiful.

This is a perfect and royal dress design for those who have a low back and are a little bit chubby. A masterpiece embroidered with pearls of various sizes.


This pink dress is suitable for brides with fair skin tones. Simple and elegant sarin design. The skirt is beautiful, narrowing around the knees and expanding richly toward the hem.

Features a 2-way skirt design with a tulle overskirt that can be worn over the top.


Elegant lace is composed at the bust, skirt, and center section of the design. The long train makes the couple’s walk down the aisle incredibly beautiful.

The top is a 2-way style, so the design will delight the wearer and make a good impression on guests.

Dresses by Other Brand

Raffiller (RF)

Gorgeous, sophisticated silhouettes and sigh-inducingly beautiful handmade embroidery. This is a royal classic collection that will always be loved.

Atelier E&M Concept (EM)

Atelier E&M is a factory brand with a motto of ''high quality technique and global ideas'' for dresses, veils, bijoux, and other products.

Qualo (TK)

Gorgeous, Ornate beading using Luxurious materials, glamorous adult dresses.

Tuxedo (TX)

Gorgeous, sophisticated, authentic and Classic Men’s Tuxedo Suits. This is a royal collection that will always be loved.