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Ngwe Phoo Sar Japan One Stop Wedding Service is pleased to announce the following promotion for the first 30 couples who register for the Grand Opening Sale.

Please take advantage of this special opportunity.

Promotion Code : GOP

For every 1 women’s dress you order, you will get 1 free dress of your choice when you order hair/makeup and photo shoot in any of the following categories:

  • 1) Rental
  • 2) Studio
  • 3) Location

In addition, you will also receive a complimentary tuxedo for your male partner.

For example: I would like to use RF 002 (Grade AAA)and TK186R(Grade AA) for studio photography

In addition, rental the men’s tuxedo 


  • RF002 (AAA): 350,000 Ks
  • TK186R(AA): 270,000 Ks
  • Tuxedo:             150,000 Ks
         Total: 770,000 Ks

Promotional Price:

  • RF002(AAA): 350,000 Ks
  • TK186(AA): FREE
  • Tuxedo: FREE

" 350,000 Ks Only "

For customers who wish to use one women’s dress in any category (Rental, Sutudio, Location), hair/makeup and photography are available at a 10% discount from the regular price.

For example: I would like to use TK186 (Grade AA) and a men’s tuxedo for a studio shoot.


  • TK186 (Grade AA): 270,000 Ks
  • Tuxedo:                           150,000 Ks
         Total: 420,000 Ks

Promotional Price:

  • TK186: 240,000 Ks (10% OFF)
  • Tuxedo: FREE

" 240,000 Ks Only "

For more information, please contact us with the promo code.

Contact Us: 09 880100 630, 09 880100 631